9 Types Of Bathroom Sinks For Your Home

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Your bathroom sink is probably the most used fixture in your bathroom. There are different types of sinks that you can choose from. Some sinks are ideal for powder rooms in public places, while others are more ideal for family use. In this regard, here are nine types of bathroom sinks that you can choose from:

  1. Top-Mount Sink. This is the most common type of sink used in bathrooms. This type of sink is held in place by its rim. The entire sink is fitted in the cut-out made on the counter. This means that this will go with different countertops like a laminate countertop, wood countertop, stone countertop, or tile countertop. This probably is the easiest sink to install as you don’t have to polish the edges of the countertop because the rim of the sink will cover it for you. The only drawback with this kind of sink is that you cannot direct water that has gone out of the sink to the sink because the rim will not allow you to do it.
  2. Under-Mount Sink. This is the exact opposite of the top-mount sink. This type of sink is installed under the countertop, which allows water on the countertop to be directed towards the sink. This is an ideal sink for families with busy bathrooms as it allows quick and easy cleanup. The drawback of this type of sink is that it only goes with solid countertops. Also, it costs more than top-mount sink.
  3. Wall-Mounted Sink. This type of sink is attached directly to the wall of the bathroom. It does not need a countertop at all. This is a popular type of sink found in minimalist homes and also in bathrooms with limited space. The drawback of this kind of sink is it does not allow storage. This means that you cannot place your shampoo or other bathroom products on it. This makes this type of bathroom ideal in powder rooms with limited room space.
  4. Pedestal Sink. This is another type of sink, which is directly attached to the wall in the bathroom. The difference of this type of sink to wall-mounted sink is that it rests on a pedestal. No pipes are also exposed as they are hidden inside the pedestal. Just like the other variety, this is suitable for bathrooms with limited space. And if you want to make your bathroom look classic, this would be the best sink to go.
  5. Console Sink. This is a hybrid of the two wall-mounted sinks. The sink is still attached to the wall, with the pipes exposed. But, it has two or four legs that support the sink itself. Because this is derived from the two wall-mounted sinks, console sinks are best for small bathrooms.
  6. Vessel Sink. This is also known as a countertop sink. This is mounted directly on the countertop. This sink is deep and can hold a lot of water. Because it has a unique bowl appearance, the use of vessel sink has become popular. But before you buy this type of sink, make sure that the height of your counter can accommodate the sink. You have to make sure that you can still reach the sink after it has been installed.
  7. Integral Sink. If you want to achieve a seamless and smooth look in your bathroom, then it is best to go with an integral sink. This type of sink is constructed directly on the countertop. You will see no visible lines that connect the countertop and the rim of the sink. It will appear completely flawless and connected. You will find this type of sink made out of glass, stainless steel, quartz, and composite materials. The drawback of this type of sink is that when it’s damaged, you will have to replace the entire sink. No chances of repair for this one.
  8. Semi-Recessed Sink. A semi-recessed sink would be the best way to go if you want to have a spot to place bathroom materials in a bathroom that is limited of space. This is seen as an extension of a cabinet, which is usually 12 inches in thickness. This can be installed on top of shallow cabinets, which can also be used to store towels. The inconvenience of this sink is that it does not allow water splashes. This means that you have to be mindful of what you do in the sink to avoid splashing water on the floor.
  9. Washplane Sink. This could be the most stylish sink sold in the market today. This is made simple and slim, yet very stylish and functional. This type of sink is usually seen in hotels and restaurants, but is now making its way to residential houses. This sink is mounted directly to the wall, which makes it ideal for small spaces. The drawback of this sink is that it is shallow. It cannot store water, and can only be used for washing hands. This is also best placed in powder rooms.

Now that you know the most common types of sink available for you, it is time for you to decide which sink is suitable for your bathroom. Stick to what is comfortable for you, and to what is comfortable for your bathroom space.