Different Dining Chair Options

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If you want to give your dining room a different look, be it eclectic or formal, your dining chair will help set the tone for you. But, buying a new set of chairs goes beyond the color that it comes. You should also look into the style and its functionality. With this in mind, here are the different styles of dining chairs that you can choose from:

Arm Chair

This type of chair, which is typically found made in wood, metal, or plastic, is usually placed at the head of the table. This can be used to make your dining room a formal look and feel. If you have been to different dining rooms, you will notice contrasting arm chairs around the area. This is used to create a different kind of atmosphere and statement. However, you can also find an arm chair for the head of the table that matches the style of the side chairs. This type of chair is fully upholstered.

Side Chair

As the name suggests, this chair is placed along the dining table. This does not have arms like the previous type. This type of dining chair is considered to be less formal and casual. But at times, you will see one placed at the head of the table. This can also be upholstered, but not full like arm chairs.


This type of dining chair can be considered very flexible as it can be used in different dining table and styles. The reason behind this is its simple and clean design. Parsons can be seen tufted and patterned. The fabric used for this type of chair varies from linen to leather.

Upholstered and Non-Upholstered

You will see a variety of chairs when you visit a home furniture store. Some will be upholstered and some are not. It is important that you know how your dining table and dining area is being used, whether it will be used all the time or occasionally. If the dining room you are decorating is mostly used for formal occasions, then it is better that you choose chairs that give your dining room a glam and formal feel, which can be realized with upholstered chairs. On the other hand, the un-upholstered chair can be used on a daily basis. This will have fine lines and are easy to clean. If you want your un-upholstered chairs to look formal, you can easily achieve this by using slipcovers.


If you want to have elaborate designs in your dining area, then choosing the traditional chairs will be a good choice. Queen Anne, Regency, and Chippendale are one of the examples of this kind of chair. You will see ornate and elaborate designs on the chair. Traditional arm chairs and traditional side seats are both upholstered.


This type of chair is often found in molded plastic, bent wood, or metal. This provides an organic look with streamlined designs. If your dining room looks more modern than formal, then this type of chair is the best option for you.


This type of chair can be seen in clean lines. However, you will not see any extra detail with mission chairs or shaker chairs. These types of chairs are simple looking with vertical and horizontal lines. Mission and shaker chairs are made of wood.


This type of chair will not be mistaken as another type as it is unique looking with its ladder-looking back rest. The wooden slats on the back of the chair are evenly spaced out that it creates a perfect ladder look. Ladderback is a traditional type of chair, but it can also be used in different d├ęcor.


This is an early English style of chair. It has spindle legs and back. The backrest of Windsor chairs can be hooped or bowed. This is a traditional type of chair, but can also be used in different styles like country or casual.

Now that you know that different kinds of chairs you can choose from, it would be easier for you to decide which type of chair to buy.