How To Prep Your Home For A Viewing Inside And Out

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prepare your home for viewing

Before you open the doors of your home for viewing and for any potential buyers, you may want to make sure that your home is ready and perfect. If you are looking into ways on how to do this, then you have stumbled upon the best place to get you going. Here are some tips that you can do to prepare your home inside-out for a viewing.


Inside Preparations

  • De-clutter. If you have boxes and stuff everywhere, you may want to make things a little bit tidier for the viewing. Remove unnecessary stuff or unnecessary accessories all over your house. A de-cluttered home creates a “move-in” mentality in the buyers’ mind. It will also make them feel like the home is ready for them to move in because of the open space that they see once they step in the house. If you have a lot of furniture in one room, you may want to put others in storage and keep only three to five furniture in one room. Thin out rooms with furniture to make it look larger.
  • Clear out your kitchen. If you have cooking utensils and equipment that has not been used for months now, then you may want to get rid of them or put them in storage. Before you open your house for viewing, you can also consider selling other equipment to make your kitchen look neater and welcoming. You may also want to clear your refrigerators of any notes, messages, magnets, and pictures to make it more inviting for the buyers.
  • Bathroom. Same thing goes for your bathroom. Clear the area of any personal items to create a “move-in” mentality. If you still have personal items in your bathroom when you are having an open house, it will make the buyers think that you are not really ready to have the house sold. Make sure your countertops, shower stall, tub, and commode top are clear of any belongings. Also, make sure that everything is cleaned. For added aesthetic value, restrict towel colors up to two.
  • Pictures and Walls. If you have family portraits and pictures all over the walls, please have them removed. Paintings can be left on the wall for added aesthetic value. If the color of your wall looks uneven after removing paintings and pictures, you may have to repaint and patch when necessary. You can do this to every room to give your walls a good make-over. This will also create a sense of consistency and coordination. Also, make sure that all windows and draperies are clean.
  • Lights and Music. On the day of the viewing, it is recommended that you turn on all lights in the house, inside and outside lights. This will allow all visitors and buyers a great view of the entire house. You may also set a background tune while you are open for viewing.


Outside Preparations

  • Walk around. Once you are done preparing the inside of your home, walk around the perimeter of the house and check for anything that does not belong. If you have trashcans around, throw them away properly or have the garbage company collect it for you. Same goes for all discarded scrap of woods, other types of garbage, other building materials, and things that you don’t need and are not functional anymore. As you walk around, check your gutters and roof. Make sure that they are free of any moss or dry rot. Make sure everything is clean.
  • Your Plants. Check all plants around your house. Just like children, plants do grow fast. Prune trees and bushes when you need to. Also, make sure that your plants are not blocking your windows as they may become eyesores when potential buyers are inside the house. Also, it may be distracting for anyone as they approach your house from the outside. For dead plants, they have to be removed. Weed your garden if you have one, and add fresh mulch to keep weeds from growing back out.
  • Make sure that your lawn is freshly cut, fertilized, and edged if you are viewing your house in the “growing” season. A freshly mown lawn is also appealing to look at and it creates a homey effect for all buyers. In addition, it also smells nice and feels nice to have a well-catered lawn.
  • Exterior Paint. Make sure that your curb is appealing to anyone who is approaching your house. Check the exterior paint and make sure that they are not chipping off and fading. If so, repaint the exterior of your house and increase the appeal of your curb. If you are on a limited budget, you can paint the front door first and the trim.

If you are preparing your house for a viewing, it would be easy if you try to look at your house through the eyes of the buyers. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what would matter if you are going to buy a brand new house. If you are able to do this, it will be easier for you to prioritize. Your added investment (time and money) will surely be returned quicker if you are able to prepare your house inside-out.